We live in a stressful world where a lot is expected from us. From our demanding jobs to taking care of our families, anxiety, and tension are bound to catch up with us. If you are battling with stress, worry, and tension, finding a way to deal with it could be life-transforming.

One such way of relieving stress is meditation, which you can do by dedicating a few minutes every day to help you restore your inner peace and calm. Anybody can practice meditation from anywhere. In this blog, you will learn about Nitvali meditation and how it’s helping women worldwide.

What is the Nitvali Meditation Method?

Luis in the Himalayas

The creative mind behind Nitvali is Luis De Castro, a remarkable person from Northern Spain. He comes from a family of multiple ethnic backgrounds. 

Throughout his life, Luis has endured many hardships, including the loss of his grandfather and his family business. He lost everything, which left his family in financial turmoil. 

However, despite all the problems he had in his life, Luis sees his poverty as a stepping stone that helped shape his destiny.

He earned his first degree in Law from the University of Madrid and later his Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. Upon graduation, Luis worked for numerous reputable companies. After years of working in the corporate world, Luis realized that he didn’t enjoy it and decided to look for something new that he believed God had for him. He ended up following his calling and decided to trade his formal employment for travel. Luis had the pleasure to tour Asia, stopping at various countries, including Myanmar, India, and Nepal. As he traveled, Luis discovered several meditation techniques, including Mahasi Sayadaw and Dzogchen.

Years later, after conducting extensive research, he developed a new meditation style, called Nitvali. His meditation style creates a consistent calm state in the mind and body. Anyone can use Nitvali meditation to experience calmness and relaxation even if they have never meditated before. The easy exercise is easy to do and creates creativity in people’s minds and hearts.

What Makes Nitvali Different from Other Meditation Styles?

Unlike most meditation styles, Nitvali is a healing method that helps people manifest the abundance of life they desire. It is designed to use sounds to help unleash people’s creative imagination. Besides relaxing, Nitvali helps people think outside the box to improve their personal growth, self-development, spirituality, and abundant health.

There exist two types of imagination. The first one is passive imagination, which doesn’t involve manifestation. It is a fantasy that doesn’t have the power to change your reality.

The other one is creative imagination, which is at a higher energy frequency. It also has the power to manifest your desires, give you a shift in your perception, and get rid of any mental barriers. Creative imagination helps you lead a healthy, better, stress-free life. It results in positive things, including more profitable opportunities and loving friendships, among others.

Nitvali is based on creative imagination, and it offers people a straightforward solution of leading a life full of creativity. It is a musical meditation program that uses themed-video soundtrack meditations. These videos come with 432Hz music sounds and alpha-wave binaural beats. The sounds echo and connect deeply into people’s minds. 

The alpha wave allows people maximum relaxation as they are self-hypnotic, and will transport people into a state of deep tranquility and creative imagination. It consists of seven steps that include, a state of deep relaxation, power of perception, detox and mental clarity, emotional healing, reality imagination, penetrating the subtle mind, and the world of the unimaginable. 

Once you achieve mental relaxation, you are guaranteed a long life and more mental energy. Nitvali helps you attract the best in life and reach the highest levels of happiness.

How Nitvali is Helping Women Achieve a Better Life

When Luis created Nitvali, he designed it for everyone, men and women alike. However, over time, this type of meditation has become more popular among women looking to better their lives. Stillness and creativity are vital attributes among women, and Nitvali helps in nurturing them. Here is how stillness meditation is helping women all over the world.

They Realize More Productivity and Successful Lives

In stillness, women’s neural networks consolidate memories, regulate their emotions, improve their attention, reinforce learning, and at the same time make them more productive. 

This is important in a woman’s life as she is always multitasking and taking on more tasks than they can handle at the same time. The creative juices that flow from practicing stillness help women advance at work to achieve their career goals.

Women are considered the pillars of our society. However, so much is expected from them, which leads to stress. Many women have discovered the secret to living stress-free lives-meditation. Nitvali is helping them practice stillness and through creative imagination, they can manifest an abundant life.

Brings Clarity

While stillness is not intended for problem-solving, you can often find clarity around a situation that has been troubling you. Stepping back from it can give you a perspective that you won’t see when in the middle of it. Stillness offers you a way to step back.

Helps Improve Sleep and Overall Health

Practicing stillness helps women enter into a relaxed state, which helps them easily fall asleep, and enjoy a more restful night’s sleep. It is a great way to improve your sleeping patterns, especially for those who experience insomnia. 

Apart from enjoying better sleep, Nitvali helps in improving people’s health. Women who practice this meditation realize lowered blood pressure, increased serotonin levels, and improved immune systems, which mean better health. The health benefits are a result of practicing stillness.

Helps Improve Creativity

The stillness women achieve through Nitvali helps pull them out of their left brain and activate their right brain, which is the creative center. When there is increased activity in the right brain, you experience a change in perspective, which leads to unexpected outcomes.

Improved Skin Health

Meditation offers women improved skin health. Some women experience various skin conditions, including adult acne, eczema, and psoriasis flare-up that come as a result of chronic stress. Also, these conditions are made worse by compromised immune systems.

Many studies have shown that meditation can help reduce stress and boost the immune system, which could prove helpful in women with skin conditions as a result of stress and weak immune systems.

Medical professionals are now advising their patients to embrace therapies, including meditation, which can help them reduce stress levels, and improve skin problems. 

A Promising Future for Women with Nitvali

There are numerous benefits women reap from Nitvali meditation as outlined above. Unlike other types of meditation, women have found Nitvali to help them tap into their inner strength and power of manifestation to achieve the best in their lives.

That is why Nitvali is becoming exceedingly popular among women. If you are yet to try Nitvali, you are missing out on the best out of your life. Get started today and manifest an abundant life.

The Nitvali Meditation Method package



Meditation Method

A Musical Meditation Program That Ignites The Transformative Power of Your Creative Imagination!

The Nitvali Meditation Method package



Meditation Method

A Musical Meditation Program That Ignites The Transformative Power of Your Creative Imagination!

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