The Circle of Dharamsala is more than a Spiritual Community, it’s an Evolutionary Cultural Movement. The Circle is an avant-garde think-tank primarily focused on enhancing the collective mindset of humanity. We are the sole distributors of the Nitvali Meditation method and the Nitvali “Philosophy” in general. Here at The Circle, we are the owners of a very powerful Mind Technology and life-transforming wisdom. This movement was founded in 2018 in the Indian Himalayas by a visionary thinker, Luis de Castro, the Founding Father of The Circle of Dharamsala and Creator of Nitvali.

Below, you’ll find a video we’d like you to watch so you can get a more in-depth and insightful view on everything our mission encompasses. You can also read about life’s most pressing questions and issues, and our approach to solve them.

Problems, Questions and Inner Demons

There are some questions that have troubled humanity since the dawn of time.

We want you to ask yourself the following list, and be honest to yourself with your answers:

The Personal

The Occupational

Now, here’s the single most important question you can ask yourself at this moment:

Would you like to experience a Transformation?

It starts with the

Emotional Healing

There are some questions that have troubled humanity since the dawn of time.

Many people suffer with negative thinking but don’t realize it, and you could be one of them. These people live hour after hour, day after day with unhealthy thought patterns that are buried deep in their subconscious minds. They do not even know how to break this harmful cycle, if they are at all aware, and they just keep struggling against these impossible waves, trapped inside painful loops. These manifest as a kind of depression that may not show classical symptoms, on the outside people think you’re perfectly fine, but you know deep down something is deeply wrong. Don’t be shackled by your unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Perhaps you’ve reached a point where you recognize just how many beautiful moments and opportunities you have lost and messed up because of your negative emotions and thought patterns. If you’re still struggling to live and enjoy a more balanced life, and are crippled with anxiety, depression and fear – the circle welcomes you, and hopes to initiate a life-long transformation process.

With our guidance and methods

You’ll soon find yourself able to love and be loved. You’ll transcend the hidden handcuffs of abusive or toxic relationships and explosive emotions.

With our meditation practises

You’ll achieve emotional mastery and free yourself from trauma, bad memories, bad habits, low self-confidence, low self-esteem, resentment and guilt.

The Nitvali Meditation Method package

Our Way:


The Technology of Perception

The 21st century has been the age of innovation and new technologies, so we’re all familiar with upgrading our cell phone operating system, or our computer and laptop operating system.

But what if we told you that you could upgrade your mind’s Operating System

and with that upgrade, you could customise your future?

What exactly is Nitvali?

If this sounds like something you’ve been struggling with, then you would greatly benefit from learning the most advanced Technology of Perception available in the world: Nitvali.

Nitvali is a Thought Transformation Process created to activate your inner potential and take you to the next level of evolution. Nitvali is a powerful Mind Technology that will allow you to create the reality you desire and paint your own future.

Nitvali allows you to cross the Bridge between Imagination and Reality to Create your own Destiny.

Currently, you might be operating in the state of Passive Imagination – but your goal is to operate in an Active Creative Imagination.

Here’s the difference:

While everybody is able to imagine a better life and wishes for change with the eternal questions of “if I were…. if I had” etc – not many know how to actually go from imagination to reality. This is because most people have a Passive Imagination, that vibrates in a very low frequency – unable to manifest desires. Passive Imagination lacks Synchronicity and will get you nowhere, leaving you stuck in a state of fantasy for the rest of your life.

So how does Nitvali transform lives?

Nitvali teaches you how to develop a very powerful and Creative Imagination. This is an Active type of imagination that vibrates and resonates at a much higher frequency. It’s the type of imagination with the highest potential to transform into reality, create self-awareness, and change your life – as Creative Imagination will let you manifest what you truly desire.

Creative Imagination will destroy your limiting beliefs completely, erasing all the blocks and counter-intentions hidden in your subconscious mind so that you can propel forward in active evolution.

The Nitvali Meditation Method allows for the development of

Dynamic Intelligence.

People with high Dynamic Intelligence are good at recognizing patterns, abstract thinking, and they can adapt to new situations and opportunities on the go. This makes them excellent problem solvers and entrepreneurs. This is the brainpower that creates success.

Experience the Healing: Unblock your energy and let in an abundance of wealth, love, vitality, and meaning to your life.

Join us and explore this powerful and potent practice. Rediscover your potential. Redefine your life. Reclaim your heart, mind and soul.