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In this modern age we can often find ourselves far-removed from our nature, which causes grave anxiety. Now, more than ever before, we need a sanctuary of safety where all fear dissipates, and we are free from the shackles of our mental and emotional limitations.

The Circle of Dharamsala is a spiritual community devoted to the development and implementation of new age thinking that will benefit mankind.

The Circle acts as a spiritual and inspirational think-tank, aiming to resolve humanity’s greatest issues by applying a different approach to reality – going beyond our preconceptions of perceived reality. We have no interest in conflict, violence, materialism, politics, sectarianism or academic and religious dogmatism. However, we do appreciate life where longevity, friendship, nature and love are concerned. We practice the art of healing ourselves, our relationships and paving new paths to an enlightened age of humanism – where lasting happiness is not a utopian dream, but a logical and rational consequence of spiritual evolution. Our approach is always about balance, integration, inclusivity, mutual help, forgiveness and non-judgmental consciousness. There is no discrimination here.

Nitvali: The Technology of Perception

Ours is a privileged community, blessed in being the sole and only authorized promoters of Nitvali – a highly advanced international movement of spirituality.

When you practice Nitvali, you do away with dogma, opening the doors of evolution in theory and in practice. It is the beginning of an exciting journey to your true self.

Nitvali and the Circle of Dharamsala believe that the pursuit of happiness is our most primal and yet neglected necessity. You are certainly welcome to contact us and subscribe to our life-changing and mind-altering newsletter – our goal is to help you


Luis in the Himalayas

We’re sure that by now you’re familiar with Luis through the genuine and awe-inspiring pictures and videos he posts to the blog and social media platforms. If not, feel free to check out the gallery. To find out more about Luis and his mission, simply keep reading.

The Man and the Child:

Luis de Castro, known simply as “Luis” was born in Northern Spain, Europe in the early seventies. His ancestry spans several ethnic backgrounds, including Italian, Portuguese and Austrian. Born into a well-known and well-to-do family, Luis would soon learn that life could be difficult. Indeed, at the beginning of the nineties when Luis’ grandfather passed away, the family business perished too – leaving the family emotionally and financially impoverished. Luis has lived in both words, of poverty and privilege, of abundance and scarcity.

CV and Biodata

Work and formal education experience:

The Founder of the Circle of Dharamsala successfully completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Madrid. He later went on to achieve a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management in a Business school in Madrid. Following his experience in Law, he registered as a practicing solicitor in Spain – eventually moving to the United Kingdom to work for a few well-known international companies. Finally, he returned to Spain, where he started his own specialized legal consulting firm with his brother. After some years in the rat-race of the corporate world, Luis decided to be true to his essence and break away. He quit his job within the firm he had established with his brother, and began travelling, mainly to Asia.

Among his favourite places are Nepal and Myanmar and Dharamsala in India. He has sat many meditation retreats and practised Vipassana in carrying styles – including, but not limited to – the Mahasi Sayadaw method, Pranayama, Zen, Mahamudra and Dzogchen. After many years of practice and experience, he has developed Nitvali – his own style of meditation which yields highly successful stillness of the mind and body.

Luis and The Tantric Experience:

The founder of the Circle of Dharamsala has received several Tantric Initiations and Empowerments, in “Kriya Tantra”, “ Chod”, “ Phowa”, and more, by reliable Tibetan Gurus in Northern India. Luis is very knowledgeable about “ Transference of Consciousness, Cutting Through the Ego Techniques and Tantrism. Luis is disillusioned with the western interpretation of Tantra, due to the reductionist tendencies to paint it as a sort of sex practice. He contests this idea.

Luis as an Independent Researcher of Spirituality, Meditation and Ancient Religions:

Luis began life as a curious soul, wanting to see beyond the realm of the material plane. His interests followed naturally, with a love of art, history, ancient religions, poetry, and all that encompasses spirituality. Now, as an adult – he remains true to his inner child.

The Founder of The Circle admires the rich philosophy behind Yoga and Tantra:

After completing a study of basic Buddhist philosophy in a Tibetan monastery in the hills outside Katmandu, Nepal – Luis moved to India to take some more courses in Death, Emptiness, Mahamudra, Science of the Mind and more around the Dharamsala area. He has spent extensive periods of time in the Jungles of Myanmar, meditating under a mosquito net and developing his proficiency in Vipassana – or sitting long meditation periods in Subterranean Isolation Cells in a famous Lay Meditation Centre in Yangon. He has also regularly attended spiritual retreats in important Tibetan monasteries in India and Nepal and has practiced meditation in mountain caves as well as the Indian Rewalsar Lake. Additionally, and impressively – Luis has studied Reiki, becoming a qualified Reiki master – and has also taken courses in Hypnotism, Psychic Surgery, Regressive Therapy, and Colour, Sound and Crystal Healing.

Relationships with family shape our lives:

From a young age, Luis was like a sponge – absorbing the lessons taught by his maternal and paternal grandparents. His paternal grandfather José was an officer of the Spanish Army, yet despite this seemingly authoritarian position – he had a liberal disposition, espousing a markedly left-wing ideology and a non-religious mindset. His maternal grandfather Antonio was the opposite: conservative, traditional, religious and right-wing – yet he maintained a passion for adventure, romanticism and was a devoted fanatic. In learning from both his grandfathers, Luis was taught a great deal of balance from their differing approaches, reaching the conclusion that faith and reason were both necessary facets of human existence. Luis also extracted many good lessons from his two grandmothers. His paternal grandmother was a very practical and pragmatic woman, driven by hard logic and hard work. In contrast, his maternal grandmother was a very romantic person, driven by imagination and intuition – and a love of folklore, tales of mythology and fantasy, as well as a deep belief in the supernatural. This too, was a lesson of balance for Luis. And certainly, Luis’ work is imbued with the balance between logic and intuition.

Mom and Dad are always a blessing:

Luis sees the blessing in every family, with a particular soft spot for dysfunctional families. His Father, named José Luis, passed away in 2011. He was a heavy smoker and drinker, with an exceptional aptitude for maths, design and science – and read a lot of books in his spare time. He studied Electrical Engineering at a University in Barcelona. He was also very fond of food, fishing and cooking. José Luis lived in France for a long time and loved the adrenaline rush of driving fast cars. Yet, he had an obsessive-compulsive personality and did not keep himself healthy. At times, he was violent – but could be calmed easily with the right tactics. When he was happy his mind was sharp, witty and his humour was sarcastic. Luis’ mother on the other hand is still alive, at nearly 80 years of age – and lives in Spain. She always was, and still is, a beautiful woman with a childish and naïve mind that is predisposed to melancholy and depression. Her moods are always oscillating between the two ends of the spectrum. She maintains a sensitivity for the natural world and spirituality, inclined towards mysticism. By nature, she is kind to everybody.

Family, Suffering and Vocational Compassion: The Alchemy of Distress

Familiar with suffering from an early age, Luis became a believer in the transmutation of pain, and the emotional alchemy of distress. He was always rather conscious of the suffering of his parents, both as individuals and in their marriage. He felt this very deeply and always transformed affliction and pain into positive energy. Although much younger than his parents, Luis was emotionally wise – helping his family cope with their emotional limitations, torment, suffering, and mental health issues. Luis maintains that suffering can always be channeled into healing energy and wisdom. Within every difficulty, is a useful life lesson.

Luis, Darkness and Magic Mirrors:

Only those who have experienced deep suffering can understand and teach something valuable. Our founder knows all too well the dark side of life: illness, death, depression and the most unimaginable suffering that only his closest friends know the details of. But let’s just say he has lived a full life so far, with many dark events. Indeed, the world of addiction, alcoholism and anger are multidimensional – causing health and relationship issues. Yet Luis has explored these dark alleys in his mind and in our unconscious world. He embraces Darkness with open arms, knowing that it is a necessary rite of passage and prelude to light and happiness. After all, we cannot know happiness if we do not know its opposite. You cannot become mature without adversity, and that’s when you need to do your introspective “doctorate of darkness” – to emerge on the other side, a wiser being. Only then, are you able and ready to help people and rejoice in the light. This cyclic experience teaches you that darkness and suffering is the absence of light, and light and happiness is the absence of darkness. When you realise that darkness and light share the same magic mirror, you realise that these are the two sides of the same coin of life.

Luis and Healing, Energy and Vibrations:

The energy that Luis exudes can only be described as truly authentic. He does not hide, nor show every facet of himself to everyone at all times – he understands the limitations of doing so. He is naturally vulnerable and imperfect yet embraces his imperfections and vulnerability as a human being rather than taking on a “holier than thou” or “high and mighty” persona. He has been described by Tibetan Monks as a force of nature and a living nuclear plant of positive vibes and energy. Luis has always maintained, even in the darkest moments of his life, a very optimistic attitude. Our founder is cheerful, exuberant, a bit eccentric – but accessible and kind – with an infectious smile and a colossal magnetic power to inspire the best vibrations in those around him.

More than anything, Luis is happy to be alive and breathing – in love with everything that connects him to this conscious experience. He metabolises his pain and suffering into nothingness with a simple laugh. Luis is completely impervious to third party opinions, gossip, hearsay, rumours and any kind of useless limitation. As an incorrigible optimist, his sense of humour is an anatomical part of him. Luis’ main mission in life is to help people transform their lives for the best. Those that meet him, are forever affected by his genuine, unusual and uplifting soul. The best way to describe this is to say that when Luis is around – people are fundamentally happy.

Luis and Nitvali:

Luis is the founder and creator of the Nitvali way, teaching a very efficient set of practices and principles that pave the way to pure and raw happiness. Unlike some other philosophical practices, Luis is aware that the modern age needs accounting for and so Nitvali is a highly advanced technology of perception that makes it easier for you to develop stability, limit stress and bring you the wisdom to improve your life. If you like what you read so far, and you would like you learn more about our inspirational activities and exciting news and opportunities – subscribe to our free newsletter: The Tree of Life.

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